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How To Resurrect A Dying Church

How To Resurrect A Dying Church

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In this straightforward, easy-to-read resource, ministry researcher and pastor’s daughter Creola Thomas shares practical principles for long-term, sustainable church growth. Learn how to

  • understand the elements of true growth and recognize common misconceptions;
  • strengthen your church’s spiritual life through simple biblical concepts;
  • identify and focus on the needs of current members as well as the community around you;
  • explore outside-the-box ideas to expand your church’s reach and bring new life to your ministry;
  • and much more.

Whether you’re preparing to plant a church or want to strengthen the ministry you already have, How to Resurrect a Dying Church provides real-life examples, thought-provoking questions, and useful worksheets to give you a fresh look at church growth and reestablish biblical teaching as the foundation of Christian ministry.

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